System/Software Integrity

Systems/Software Engineering

Systems and Software Safety

PPT assesses and ensures system and software safety.

  • Military and Civilian Development and Verification Efforts
  • Specializing in DO-178 Up to Level A
  • MIL-STD-882; SAE ARP 4754/4761
  • FAA Designated Engineering Representatives



PPT uses FAA Software Designated Engineering Representatives to provide software certification of aviation software support on behalf of the FAA.

  • FAA Certification Credentials
  • GAP Analysis and Compliance
  • Aviation, Avionics, Flight Controls,Engine Controls


Product Development

PPT has experience developing applications and tools that perform specific functions in order to fulfill a customer’s needs or requirements to provide a unique capability.

  • Automated Testing Tools
  • Formal Methods
  • Software Development
  • Mobile Applications Development



PPT has experience providing training engineering development teams.

  • DO-178
  • Engineering Best Practices
  • FAA Software Designated Engineering Representative (DER)
  • FAA System Safety Designated Engineering Representative (DER)
  • Team Software Process (TSP)
  • RTCA’s DO‐178 standards
  • SAE AS5506
  • UML
  • C#, C/C++
  • VB.Net